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If you’ve ever visited an apartment building, you’ve definitely become familiar with the most traditional form of electronic buzzer system in Ajax. It allows you to buzz, or alert, your friends and relatives who live in an apartment building. They can then allow or deny entry to you. It’s safe, secure, and definitely a great way to keep things moving in a busy place.Electronic Buzzer System

What about applications in your home or business? With an electronic buzzer entry system installed on your front gate, you could be alerted by a buzz when a visitor wants access to your property. While you may be perfectly comfortable with friends and family visiting unannounced, you may not be so keen on strangers having access at any time. We offer the most accurate electric buzzer installation service in town.

Precise and Accurate Electric Buzzer Service

With one of our electric door buzzer system setups installed on your front gate or front door, you can have total control over who gets entry and who is denied entry. Security and power at your fingertips is only a phone call away when you call Ajax Access Control.

In case you aren’t familiar with how an electronic buzzer system works, here is a brief explanation. Your friend or relative arrives to your front gate or front door and wants to visit, but your gate or door is locked securely. All they have to do is push a button installed near your gate or door. Inside the house, you’ll hear the audible buzzing sound and know that someone is there. From there, it’s a simple matter of peering outside to find out who it is for sure and pushing another button from the inside – thus allowing access to the visitor.

Access Control Ajax is dedicated to providing you with the best electric buzzer service like installation and repair. In fact, we offer the best deals on all electric buzzer repair services. Call today to talk to one of our friendly representatives!

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